About Roobet

Long years of dealing with food security have taught us what hunger looks like.
It’s hard to recognize it sometimes, it’s elusive, it’s lost, but we choose to deal with the moments of satiety that follow – with the color that returns to the face, the sparkle that lights up in the eyes, the silent gratitude.
Roobet organization was established in 2000 with the aim of helping and providing food security for thousands of needy people in Israel. To this end, we established a chain of restaurants where we host every day for over 20 years, and in many places in the country, thousands of people who need a hot and satisfying meal, but no less also a smile, attention and a company that does not see them as “transparent people”. Our meals are of a high culinary level, emphasizing their nutritional value, the wonderful taste and the respectful hospitality of the branch managers and employees.

Beyond the daily catering project, we encounter poverty and hardship at other and no less difficult life junctions. To this end, we run additional and important projects, including:

Distribution of food cards
Running youth clubs and camps
Meals for students
Food distribution on holidays
Home delivery of meals
power to give
We choose to include in our activities people who need occupational rehabilitation, they are with us in the catering establishments and receive a symbolic scholarship and a sense of respect and value for their actions.

The Roobet network promotes values ​​of sharing and community support and is a synergistic charity platform that connects lovers and pursuers of kindness – and people who truly need it.

The network works in coordination with the welfare departments and professional bodies and operates with maximum transparency. To ensure that every important donation reaches those who really need it.

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