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Roobet Foundation, but in Israel there are many people with kindness and a desire to give. The establishment of a non-profit organization or association is based entirely on kindness and a desire to give and help the weak. This type of organization is an organization that the IRS does not require to pay taxes and is recognized as a special organization whose entire purpose is donation. There are many organizations like this in Israel whose goal is to give and help people who need help to improve their quality of life, Roobet Foundation is one of the well-known organizations in Israel that contribute in a variety of ways to the population.

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How You Can Get Involved

Volunteer Program

This organization is not obligated to pay taxes on its profits and therefore can use more money for the people who need assistance.

Sponsor Program

This organization does not work to obtain personal profits for private individuals and all its profits are dedicated to the continuation of the activity and the development of the association and the organization itself.

Charity Fund

In a non-profit organization, the welfare of the citizens in need always comes first and this is evident in their satisfaction and the feeling that finally there is someone who cares for them.

What We Do

The goals of our organization is mainly nutritional and basic security for children, teenagers, single-parent families, adults and elderly people who are in need and have little means.
For this purpose, the Roobet organization operates a restaurant chain that hosts hundreds of people from all over the country, but also takes care of many other activities and projects with a lot of love for others.
We help people while maintaining their personal discretion and privacy. Preserving the privacy of those who donate to him is particularly important and we are extremely careful about this, also due to the individual’s modesty.

Our Story

Our chain of specialty houses are scattered all over the country and are responsible for feeding hundreds of needy and hungry people. Our meals are high quality, tasty and nutritious and have been specially prepared by nutritionists to provide our guests with the highest quality food possible! These rechargeable cards allow those in need to purchase food at the various food chains without exposure and physical access to our specialty houses. This activity is very popular with us and many people use it every month.

Ongoing Causes

Our clubs are mainly intended for boys from broken families and/or single parents. This activity provides different activities for boys and helps them learn and open up despite the complex reality in which they live.

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Children who experience a life of poverty, deprivation and violence need a warm hug, a supportive and loving environment and a hot meal more than anyone else. Our organization provides all of these to hundreds of children every day.


$12,134 Donated

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There are cases where we provide hot meals to children directly to their settings if their parents cannot provide it. A hungry child is a child who cannot learn properly and this may cause additional problems. Roobet Foundation.


$445 Donated

News & Updates

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